Bonjo the Bold

A 26 year old extravagant Bard, with a white streak in his hair.


Strength: 9
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 13
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 11
Charisma 16


Played by Patrick, Bonjo was born “Barmo Greycastle”, son of the noble lord Moroedan Greycastle.

His mother died in child birth but Moroedan loved her so much he refused to remarry, leaving him the only heir to Greycastle.

Moroedan became a tyrannous leader, subjugating the down-trodden and the poor. Barmo disliked his fathers rule but had not the bravery to stand up to him. He fell in love with Jennavieve, the bakers daughter, who he intended to marry. Moroedan felt his son’s marriage would be better suited as a political tool and had the daughter framed and hung. Barmo distraught attempted to go to neighbouring lords to convince them to help his people but they refused due to potential civil war between the regions.

Dejected with nobility and ashamed of his namesake, Barmo fled his home. Homeless and alone he was taken in by a travelling Bard who mentored him in the power of satire and stories to promote change in society. Barmo took the name Bonjo the Brave and Bold, died his Greycastle Blonde locks black and dedicated his life to the path of the Bard.

Bonjo revels in his new lifestyle, willingly speaking his mind and making the most of his new existence using humour and wit to escape hairy situations.

He finds his past a deeply painful experience and so avoids it at all costs creating wondrous backstories of his life to avoid remembering it or being found by his father.

Bonjo the Bold

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