The Overtards

The story so far.
Our story up to this point.

The grandest of stories often start at the humblest of beginnings. The story of this crew is one of those stories.

A group of old friends reunited by a group of blue letter delivered to them by a mysterious scarred child, our crew made their way to Port Scrabster in the South of Arstok. Meeting at an inn called the Leaky Bucket and speaking to the gossip loving Alec, the bartender, the party learned that people had been coming back from the Firetease mountains with a strange disease, driven insane. The party decided to investigate this, and went to speak with Alec's niece, Olive. A friendly nursing student within Port Scrabster who had treated a few of the victims of this strange disease. When the party left the Leaky Bucket however, they were accosted by members of the Sailor's Arm, a gang that Adna had antagonized by attacking one of their members as he was robbing the Leaky Bucket. The party managed to swiftly deal with their attackers, using mildly excessive force on them, causing them to be wanted by the authorities in Port Scrabster.

Quickly making their way to Olive's home, the party spoke to her and they learned that the men were insane and delirious. Adna and Gendall went with Olive on one of her house visits, while Vastus and Braxyl stayed behind in Olive's house so that Vastus could take care of his wounds. When Adna, Gendall and Olive arrived at the sick man's place of living, it turned out that Jenkins wasn't doing so hot. When Olive went to take care of him, something burst up from within Jenkins and attacked the three. Adna and Gendall managed to dispatch the creature fairly easily, and as Olive vomited outside, they discussed what this might mean. Catching wind of the fact that they were now wanted in town, the party decided to handle their business in town quickly and leave as soon as possible, not wanting to be caught by the authorities. Olive went to isolate any individuals that had returned from the mountains, as the party went to visit Archeologist Yura. An old, yet beautiful Elven woman whose name they had heard from Alec.

Deciding to travel in small groups, and disguise themselves as best as possible this time Vastus and Braxyl went to visit Yura, as well as her strange companion named Spencer Walters Murray Fuller Mason III. While there, they learned that there was a city named Ygg within the Firetease Mountains, where apparently research was being done to unify contemporary physics and magic. Vastus guilt tripped Yura into supplying them with some equipment for the journey ahead, obtaining the parties first pieces of magical equipment. Shortly after this visit, the party skipped town and headed towards the Firetease Mountains, somewhat apprehensive of what might lay ahead.


After arriving in the Firetease Mountains, the party crossed over a rickety rope bridge, almost falling into the deep cliffs below before encountering a reanimated body that spoke to them, referring to itself as part of the Apothicon, some kind of hivemind that wanted the party's help in reuniting itself with its main body. The Apothicon explained that it was alone and scared. Realizing that the Apothicon wasn't an objectively evil creature, and didn't understand what it was doing the party decided to help them. Heading into the mountains beyond, the party stumbled into Bonjo within the camping ground of one of the expeditions. Stumbling into a hastily drawn map of the surrounding area, the party armed themselves with several hundred feet of rope and a new lute playing companion, and headed further into the mountains.

They eventually stumbled upon part of the Apothicon, and learned of its horrific weakness to water. The party protected the Apothicon with some clever magics as they followed the Apothicon to within Ygg. Braxyl, who was carrying the strange, boiling, egg-like being felt a strange brotherly companionship with the creature. As the party went into Ygg, they found that something terrible had happened within this once great Research Hub. They saw the enormous sleeping body of an enormous black dragon named Kalameet chained up, and saw Ygg behind him heavily damaged from toxic fumes. The party set about exploring Ygg, fighting the spectres of the deceased researchers along the way, until they eventually managed to unify the Apothicon once more. Learning that the Apothicon was the result of failed experiments to clone Kalameet, the party was shocked to find out that Boose was one of these experiments as well, and apparently there was one more. A woman named Kira. Braxyl fused together with part of his brothers, Adna cutting off Braxyl's tail so that his family would be able to take his place. After this process completed, Braxyl found that the tail was able to manifest as a small Black Dragon, about the size of a Wolf. After this, the party set about exploring Ygg further, attempting to find a way to either kill Kalameet or seal off the city, and it's horrible secrets, forever.


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